Horsemanship Getaways

I've always loved going away from home to attend clinics. Being able to fully immerse myself in horsemanship without distractions from home affecting my focus.

My horsemanship getaways are geared towards what you would like to accomplish with your horse. The more we invest in our education the greater connection we can achieve with our horses. Nothing beats the buzz you feel when it all starts to come together.


I'm addicted! I want to help you be addicted too!

As well as the horsemanship sessions there is the option to take some guided rides with me taking in some of the spectacular scenery the Peninsula offers.

One day or five days,   it's your getaway so you choose and a friend too if you like.

We can accommodate horses and have a modest cabin available on site.
Louisa Andrew
Phone: 0274 300 875

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