For me horsemanship means understanding horses and what motivates them. Learning to  develop feel and timing to communicate with them effectively and with clarity. It’s a never ending journey and one in which you can always improve your knowledge.

When you connect on an emotional level with a horse it is very powerful and exciting and will take your partnership to a whole new level.

My own horsemanship journey has rewarded me in many ways and it has had a positive effect in all areas of my life.

In a nutshell horses don't want trouble they want to get along. When things don't turn out the way we plan it is often because we haven't communicated our intentions clearly enough resulting in anxiety or confusion. With a little more understanding on our part this can be resolved.

Whether you are into dressage, trekking or jumping, horses are still horses and we can all benefit from good horsemanship. I would love to share with you what horses have taught me over the past 30 years.

I offer one on one or group lessons to people of all ages.  I can come to you or alternatively you can bring your horse to me in our beautiful  location along the Otago Peninsula.

Other services I offer are
  • Float training/problem solving
  • Foal and young horse handling
  • Behavioural Issues

Specialised Services



Hoof Trimming

Louisa Andrew
Phone: 0274 300 875

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