Hoof Trimming

I offer Barefoot Trimming for all horses, ponies and donkeys.
I have been trimming hooves for 13 years and my trim is holistic and non aggressive. I do not routinely trim bars and sole, rather I trim according to what each hoof presents. In my experience diet and conformation are the biggest contributers as to whether going barefoot will work for you and your horse and I like to take these factors into consideration when trimming. 
The rehabilitation of damaged hooves caused either through injury or laminitis/founder is an area I am strong in, and have many successful outcomes behind me.
We live in a unique environment in NZ with a wide range of variable conditions to consider with a barefoot horse. I am able to provide comprehensive information for the management of laminitis and diet. I can also advise on hoof boots that will suit your horse's feet and riding goals, to help you become successful on your barefoot journey.
Becoming barefoot also improves blood flow especially to the foot and lower limb and has overall health benefits for the horse. 
I like to think I can uncomplicate the idea of having a barefoot horse and support people in  getting the most from their barefoot horse

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Hoof Trimming

Louisa Andrew
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