Horses today live in a very different environment from that in which they evolved. Our rapidly changing grasses, commercial feeds and management systems mean high quality and consistent dentistry is an essential component for the health and performance of the horse.

There are numerous issues that can arise in a horses mouth be it through injury, genetics or simply the way we manage and feed them nowadays.

I have been practicing Full Mouth Dentistry for over 14 years. I am passionate about attaining maximum function and comfort for horses, ponies and donkeys of all ages.

A quality dental is acheived by balancing the molars and incisors with the temporomandibular joint or TMJ (the jaw's hinge joint).

Dentistry which addresses only the molars is NOT balanced therefore not a full job. It does not acheive the best possible result for the horse that a high quality dental will.

My goal is to educate owners about quality dentistry so they fully understand the importance of maintaining their horse's mouth for maximum health and performance benefits.

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