"Louisa has been a huge help to both me and my horses. She has made huge changes to the mouths of 3 of my horses who all had huge mouth issues, since she has done there teeth they all look great, im very happy. Louisa has helped me with learning ground work to help me better understand my horses and how to help them. Louisa trims all of my 4 horses and im very happy with all of her advice she gives to help my horses have better health and hooves."

Amy Lillicrap
"We have no hesitation in recommending Louisa for equine dentistry. She has provided dental care for our equines for many years and we have always been very happy with the quality of her work. We are also very grateful for Louisa's support and guidance on our horsemanship journey. With Louisa's knowledge we have been able to achieve safe and confident mounts. Louisa shows great skill and knowledge in all equine areas."

Maire Dewar
"Louisa is a one stop shop for horsemanship.teeth, hooves and handling she does it all and does it exceptionally.my children and horses have developed and grown immensely through her care and dedication.i would recommend her to anybody wanting high quality, honest work for their horse and themselves."

Sara Best
"All the services I had received from Louisa Andrew have been amazing. From dental care, hoof trimming, to helping me with my riding and moving forward with my horse , I can not recommend her services enough. If you want happy horses from someone who appreciates them -Louisa is the one to call."

Shanla Bell
"I have employed Louisa's services as a farrier, dentist, and natural horsemanship teacher over the last several years, with 5 different horses, and cannot recommend her enough. She is great at teaching kids, and goes above and beyond with help and advice. Her dentistry makes a significant positive difference to the horses' condition, especially through winter. She also helped with the feet of a pony we bought that had previously foundered. Louisa genuinely cares about horses (& all animals), and that makes all the difference in terms of her work and equine ethic."

Bonnie Scarth
"Louisa has looked after my horses teeth for many years now. Her knowledge is outstanding and her expertise in horsemanship means that she knows how to handle my horse perfectly . I recommend her to everyone who asks about equine dentistry . She is kind, honest and the horses well being always comes first."

Lindsey Roberts
Louisa Andrew
Phone: 0274 300 875
Email: louisa@manestreamequine.co.nz

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