About Me

My life with horses began at the age of twelve with my first pony named Echo. I left school at fifteen and began a career in the Harness Racing Industry lasting five years.  During that time I gained the NZ Certificate of Equine Practice, finished second top in my final year at Cadet School and earned a license to train.

I went off to England where I spent three years working in riding schools and later  I became a working pupil at the well known Waterstock Training Establishment. The Proprietor Lars Sedderholm coached many top Event and Show Jumping riders, William Fox Pitt, Blyth Tait and Mary King to name a few. I gained the British Horse Society Qualification BHSAI and returned to New Zealand.

I competed with my two thoroughbreds and together with my Mum set up the riding holiday camp Whitecliff Lodge.

We hadn't been open a long when we decided to attend a Pat Parelli clinic. It was to be a huge awakening for us both and a turning point in my life. After spending almost half of my life being involved with horses I learned I knew very little about them. It was a life-changing experience causing me to question my understanding of horses and turned me in a new direction and the way I wanted to spend the rest of my life with horses.

For the past twenty-two years I have been dedicated to understanding horses and communicating effectively with them. I attend multiple clinics every year and have monthly lessons.

In 2003 I undertook an education in Equine Dentistry through the College of Equine Dentistry in Australia. This involved hundreds of hours of study in both theory and practice, many trips to Australia and travelling with advanced dentists. I also attended an equine anatomy course with Dr. Deb Bennett while in Australia.

With a desire to gain more knowledge I completed a Massey paper in Equine Health and Nutrition and then Barefoot Hoof Trimming training with well-known trimmer Gail Graham. Gail followed the Jamie Jackson/Pete Ramey philosophy.

For the last fourteen years I have been performing full mouth dentistry, hoof trimming and teaching horsemanship throughout Otago, South Canterbury, and Southland.

I remain a committed and passionate student of the horse.

Louisa Andrew
Phone: 0274 300 875
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